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Holistic Cyber Security Training

Today's cyber threats can range from a disgruntled insider to a Facebook ad. Penetrations can have devastating effects on your data and your brand. Our 2-day SEcureCog workshop trains your workforce to recognize the telltale signs of attack and defend against them cohesively as part of a digital fence line.

Technical Threats

From SQL injections to the latest bits of malware, SEcureCog shows you the most important threats to defend against. Using a proven industry standard lexicon from OWASP and SANS, we describe technical vulnerabilities and the controls you need to implement to thwart them.

Reputational Threats

Your digital exhaust provides ample opportunity for hackers to divine the information they need to penetrate your organization's defenses. We train your workforce how to discover surreptitious social engineering that could lead to devastating brand damage. Preventing online denigration of your reputation has never been so important.

Our Clients


Jon Iadonisi Appears on BBC News’ INSIDE THE DARK WEB documentary

White Canvas Group and SEcureCog co-founder Jon Iadonisi recently appeared on BBC News' INSIDE THE DARK WEB documentary. Jon offered expertise alongside luminaries like Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, and Julian Assange, controversial founder of Wikileaks. See it here on YouTube:

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Humans Matter Most in CyberSecurity, Not Firewalls

Chris Dufour admits that he can’t wait to talk about his passion at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival in March. The Director of Operations at the Virginia-based White Canvas Group...

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#SEcureCog on Fox Business News' FIREWALL

Jon Iadonisi and Chris Dufour from SEcureCog talk about the latest cyber threats to businesses and how to deal with them.

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Where Will Future Cyber Threats Come From?

Former CIA Covert Operations Officer Mike Baker talks to Invincea's Anup Ghosh, U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit's Scott Borg and White Canvas Group's Jon Iadonisi on how to improve U.S. cybersecurity.

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White Canvas Group Co-Founder Tim Newberry on CTV News Discussing Cyber-Espionage

Tim Newberry, White Canvas Group Co-Founder and former US Navy submariner, appeared last night on Canada’s CTV News discussing the burgeoning topic of cyber-espionage.

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What is SEcureCog?

SEcureCog is a 2-day holistic training seminar that teaches your organization the critical skills necessary to preventing and spotting the telltale signs of a cyber attack. Our approach combines recognition of technical threats alongside human or reputation-based threats, thereby enabling you to secure the way your entire organization thinks about security.

Why is the "SE" always capitalized?

"SE" stands for social engineering, which is the practice of eliciting information from people and influencing them to do something with that information that's not in their best interest. 90% of all cyber attacks start with some method of social engineering, which is why we place such high importance of understanding it. We're not just helping you secure your mainframes, we're securing your cognition. Hence, SEcureCog!

Who is the appropriate training audience for SEcureCog?

The 2-day course is suited toward any company or organizational employee that has a role in security, be it the CIO down to IT security managers. Day 1 focuses on an executive level understanding of the importance of holistic cyber security, and we encourage participation from across the C-suite. We also encourage wide participation across the hierarchy of your organization to ensure productive, holistic conversations and a meaningful tabletop exercise.

How customizable is SEcureCog to my business/organization?

Extremely. We customize each client engagement to your specific needs. Some businesses only have 30 employees and require very different things in terms of security compared to a Fortune 50 company. Some organizations may never have heard of an incident management system, in which case, we'll provide you one. Additionally, each client's SEcureCog course features a tabletop exercise whose scenario is uniquely customized to their business, practice area, or mission.

What's so different about your cyber security training?

Most cyber security training focuses on certifying employees based on number of training hours. This leads to formulaic, button-pushing programs that employees are forced to sit through, never truly absorbing lessons. SEcureCog training is a conversation. We encourage debate in the presentation of our ideas and work collectively with everyone in the training audience to understand the importance of integrated, holistic cyber security that gives equal importance to technical threats AND reputation-based threats. Our client engagements have led to ongoing conversations about enhancing security in all areas and changed mindsets from shareholders on down to the most junior employee.

How big a class does SEcureCog handle?

30 students.

How much does this cost?

Please contact us to discuss.